U120 Cup Fixture

Wed 16-Oct-2019Herts CAKnock OutUnder 120 CupLittle HeathWelwyn Hatfield

H&D League Fixtures

U120 League Fixtures

Mon 07-Oct-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Stevenage Welwyn Hatfield
Mon 21-Oct-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Hemel Hempstead Welwyn Hatfield
Tue 05-Nov-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Welwyn Hatfield Letchworth & Hitchin
Tue 19-Nov-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Welwyn Hatfield Bishops Stortford
Tue 10-Dec-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Enfield Welwyn Hatfield
Mon 06-Jan-2020Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 St Albans Welwyn Hatfield
Tue 04-Feb-2020Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Welwyn Hatfield Little Heath
Tue 03-Mar-2020Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Welwyn Hatfield Watford
Tue 10-Mar-2020Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Hertford Welwyn Hatfield
Tue 24-Mar-2020Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Welwyn Hatfield St Albans
Mon 27-Apr-2020Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Watford Welwyn Hatfield
Tue 19-May-2020Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1 Welwyn Hatfield Hertford

4th team fixtures

3rd team fixtures

2nd team fixtures

1st team fixtures

Club officers 2019/20

At the AGM on 10th September the following were elected.

Chairperson: Ross Brennan
Secretary: David White
Treasurer: Wali
1st team captain: David White
2nd team captain: Andrew Smith
3rd team captain: Wali
4th team captain: Kidge Elder
Hertford & District (League & Cup) captain: Matt Read
Under 120 (League & Cup) captain: Andy Musk

In addition, Ross Brennan will maintain this website for the club, and will act as the nominee to the Hertfordshire Chess Association.


Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum
Annual General Meeting
10thSeptember 2019 @ 8pm

Welcome and Apologies

Minutes of Previous AGM

Matters Arising from Previous AGM 

Team and Individual Performance in 18/19 Season – Reports from Team Captains 

Agreement of Teams for 19/20 Season, including Election of Team Captains

·      1st team

·      2nd team

·      3rd team

·      4th team

·      Under 140 knock-out

·      H&D

·      H&D knock-out

·      Under 120

·      Under 120 knock-out

Treasurer’s Report, including Agreement of Subscription Rates for 19/20

Election of Officers

·      Chairman

·      Secretary

·      Treasurer

·      Tournament & Activity Organiser

·      HCA Nominee

·      Website & Facebook Page Administrator

WGC Centenary Celebrations

Any Other Business

4NCL Round 7

  Welwyn Hatfield were placed 16th out of 68 teams in Div 6 of the 4NCL Online season 2.