Club Fixture List October-December 2019

Mon 30-Sep-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 5St Albans 5Welwyn Hatfield 31.5-3.5
Tue 01-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 6Enfield 4Welwyn Hatfield 4
Tue 01-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 4Welwyn Hatfield 2Hemel Hempstead 3
Mon 07-Oct-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1StevenageWelwyn Hatfield
Tue 08-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 6Welwyn Hatfield 4Stevenage 4
Tue 08-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 2Welwyn Hatfield 1Hemel Hempstead 2
Tue 15-Oct-2019H&DH&D LeagueSouthBorehamwoodWelwyn Hatfield
Wed 16-Oct-2019Herts CAKnock OutUnder 120 CupLittle HeathWelwyn Hatfield
Thu 17-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 4Bishops Stortford 3Welwyn Hatfield 2
Mon 21-Oct-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1Hemel HempsteadWelwyn Hatfield
Tue 22-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 5Welwyn Hatfield 3Rothamsted 1
Tue 29-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 5Hertford 3Welwyn Hatfield 3
Tue 29-Oct-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 2Welwyn Hatfield 1Watford 2
Mon 04-Nov-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 2St Albans 2Welwyn Hatfield 1
Mon 04-Nov-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 6St Albans 6Welwyn Hatfield 4
Tue 05-Nov-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1Welwyn HatfieldLetchworth & Hitchin
Mon 11-Nov-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 4Stevenage 2Welwyn Hatfield 2
Tue 12-Nov-2019H&DH&D LeagueSouthEnfieldWelwyn Hatfield
Tue 19-Nov-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1Welwyn HatfieldBishops Stortford
Tue 19-Nov-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 4Welwyn Hatfield 2Watford 4
Mon 25-Nov-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 2Stevenage 1Welwyn Hatfield 1
Tue 26-Nov-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 5Welwyn Hatfield 3Enfield 2
Mon 02-Dec-2019H&DH&D LeagueSouthHemel HempsteadWelwyn Hatfield
Tue 03-Dec-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 6Welwyn Hatfield 4Enfield 3
Tue 03-Dec-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 4Welwyn Hatfield 2Letchworth & Hitchin 3
Tue 10-Dec-2019H&DH&D LeagueSouthWelwyn HatfieldBorehamwood
Tue 10-Dec-2019Herts CAU120 LeagueDivision 1EnfieldWelwyn Hatfield
Tue 17-Dec-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 2Welwyn Hatfield 1Bishops Stortford 1
Tue 17-Dec-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 6Welwyn Hatfield 4Hemel Hempstead 4
Thu 19-Dec-2019Herts CAHerts LeagueDivision 5Hoddesdon 1Welwyn Hatfield 3

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