4NCL Online Welwyn Hatfield Rd 1

Our first match in the 4NCL online was played on 25th August 2020.

Shropshire 5
1448 Welwyn Hatfield1703
751wBonner, Dennis M1480 c0 - 1White, David1810 c
752bJones, Andrew1480 c0 - 1Roderick, Andrew1787 c
753wHolyhead, James1435 c1 - 0Elder, Kidge1615 c
754bPrice, Malcolm1397 c0 - 1Sims, Tony J1600 c
 1 - 3 

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4NCL Round 7

  Welwyn Hatfield were placed 16th out of 68 teams in Div 6 of the 4NCL Online season 2.